Major-league baseball catcher Jason Kendall, who plays for the Oakland A’s, has paid $7,120,000 for a house in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades area that is next door to his existing house, according to public records. In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that Kendall, 32, bought the five-bedroom, 3,852-square-foot house at 680 Chautaqua Boulevard, which adjoins his main house, which he bought in 2005. A Southern California native, Kendall joined the A’s in 2005 after nine years with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Given that his 2006 salary was $11,571,429, Kendall can certainly afford the additional land. In March 2005, he bought his first house in Pacific Palisades, at 692 Chautauqua Boulevard—and just down the road from comedian Billy Crystal’s compound, which is at 860 Chautauqua—for $7,995,000, according to public records. Built in 1973, that five-bedroom, 7,700-square-foot house sits on a 0.775-acre lot and has eight baths and a pool, according to public records. Now, the adjoining property that Kendall recently bought consists of a house that was built in 1953 and that sits on a 1.033-acre property, according to public records. The house also has four baths and a pool, according to public records. No listing information was available on the house, which the sellers had owned since 1976. Kendall has been a prolific property buyer and seller over the years, and with the Pacific Palisades purchase, adds further to his empire, which now consists of four L.A.-area houses and one area condo. In 1998, he paid $842,000 for a three-bedroom, 1,829-square-foot condo unit at 216 9th Street in Manhattan Beach, Calif., which he still owns. He also paid $3.32 million in late 2000 for a five-bedroom, 6,467-square-foot house at 612 John Street in Manhattan Beach, which he also still owns. He paid $1,107,000 in early 2004 for a condominium unit at 12218 Montana Avenue in L.A.’s Brentwood neighborhood, a unit that he sold in early 2005 for $1,375,000, according to public records. Kendall bought a house at 911 1st Street in nearby Hermosa Beach, Calif. in early 2005 for $2.5 million, according to public records, which he also still owns. Finally, Kendall paid $5.7 million in late 2001 for a four-bedroom, 4,661-square-foot house at 120 The Strand in Manhattan Beach, which faces the beach and which he quietly sold in January 2006 for a whopping $8,880,000, according to public records.