With this very brief post, we're going to step a bit outside our normal zone and throw out a query to our readers: Which celebrity's (celebrities'?) house(s) would you like to see us write about?

The nice response we got to our question the other day of whether you all would be interested in a round-up of all the properties owned by Hollywood legends (and Mulholland Drive neighbors) Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty got us wondering: why not take this opportunity here to ask you all who else's houses you'd like to see written about?

A few caveats and comments:

--We will respond to every single request that you give us -- most likely in the comments section of this post.

--If a celebrity's address and house details already appear on the fine Celebrity Address Aerial website, it's probably not something for us to pursue, since it's already been "written about," in a manner of speaking. But, we'll be more than happy to cheerfully direct you all there in our response if that applies.

--The same goes for if a celeb's house has been written about in one of the major celebrity real estate columns in the past (and we realize that in many cases, that may be something that readers wouldn't realize) -- we'll be more than happy to provide a link or an excerpt or what-have-you.

--tlp333 (one of our favorite and most loyal readers), we recognize that you've asked us before to run through Pink's various properties. However, the only one we've ever found for her is her 4,435-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Sherman Oaks area, which she purchased in 2002 for exactly $2,000,000 and which the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon wrote about on June 8, 2003.

So how about it, readers? Give us your best shots. We can't promise that we'll find everyone (and indeed, there are huge numbers of celebrities out there who are renters), but we'll give everyone a response. Go to it!

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