The Los Angeles Times' normally ahead-of-the-curve "Hot Property" column is a little slow today, as readers of Big Time Listings (and some other blogs) will notice: --Almost a month ago, readers of Big Time Listings were the first to read about singer Macy Gray selling her 9,936-square-foot house at 4322 Hayvenhurst Ave. in Encino, for $4.75 million. The Times' report today that Gray sold the house for its last asking price of $5.6 million is flat-out wrong; Los Angeles County records plainly show that the house sold on Dec. 19 for the $4.75 million amount that we reported here on January 19. --The Times also devotes three paragraphs to recently shorn Britney Spears' listing of her house at 12094 Summit Circle above Beverly Hills, even though we wrote about the item on Valentine's Day, and many other blogs this past week also did a fine job covering the singer's obvious restlessness earlier than we did. --Finally, a hat tip to Curbed LA for picking up Thisislondon's coverage of David Beckham and Posh Spice's househunting exploits on Friday, beating the Times' Hot Property column by two days! We're excited that the rumor mill is so active regarding Posh and Becks--really, we are. But at the same time, we'll also be glad when they finally make a decision on where to buy. As always, we'll join the masses in reporting the details as they become available.