We were a little surprised to read in Ruth Ryon's "Hot Property" column in the Los Angeles Times this morning that "Dallas" actress Linda Gray's ranch in Santa Clarita, Calif. is for sale for $3.25 million.

We were baffled because in January 2003, Ryon wrote about Gray having listed the exact same property, albeit at a slightly lower, $2.9 million price point (even though Gray has had no takers since then, perhaps she's adjusted the asking price for inflation?). At the time, Gray told Ryon that "My children were raised here, but I've come to a time in my life when I want to fold my tent, or downsize, and travel." Gray also told Ryon that she was considering visiting Nicaragua or some other countries as a United Nations goodwill ambassador, and that she was working on a film that would be shot in Tuscany.

So what changed? Did the 2.78-acre ranch, at 15659 Knochaven Drive in Santa Clarita, just languish on the market for the last four-plus years? Did Gray take it off the market for some unexplained reason and then put it back up for sale? At this early point in the morning, we don't have access to historic MLS data that would tell us. But it seems a little odd that Ryon provided no historic explanation. Ryon's column today reported that Gray is "ready for a change," to use Ryon's words, and yet Gray's exact same listing was a lead column item for Ryon in 2003, when the actress also had articulated that she was looking for a lifestyle change. One thing is certain: Gray's property has a new listing agent, and it may well be that "placing" an item in Ryon's column was part of a restarted PR campaign.

Anyhow, the bottom line is that Gray still owns the ranch, which is 35 miles northwest of downtown L.A. in a surprisingly low-profile town nationally (given its 175,000 residents). Features on the property include a house that was built in 1973 by architect A. Quincy Jones. Ryon reported that the five-bedroom house measures about 4,500 square feet, while L.A. county records suggest that it's actually 2,664 square feet. Other features include four baths, a stainless steel prep kitchen with a wood-burning pizza oven, and a great room with high ceiling beams, antique wood paneling and floor to ceiling windows, according to listing information. The master suite has a walk-in closet and a yoga room with an open bath and fireplace. Outside are a two-story guesthouse, a tennis court, a cabana, a fireside garden, a working stable and groomsmen shed, a harvesting organic herb and garden patch, a chicken coop, gardening storage, a koi pond, and 30 heritage oak trees, according to listing information.

Check out listing information for the ranch--with plenty of photos--here and here.

We'll also let you know when there is further actual "news" involving Gray's real estate holdings. Stay tuned.