On April 29, we wrote about Ethel Kennedy, the widow of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, again having reduced the asking price for her fabled Hickory Hill estate in McLean, Va. to $12.5 million.


Our post came right on the heels of a report by the New York Post’s fine celebrity real estate writer, Braden Keil, who broke the news of Kennedy’s further price reduction of an estate that she initially had tried to peddle for $25 million. Now, today’s Wall Street Journal’s “Private Properties” column, in what we can only assume was a story that was spoon-fed to the Journal by a PR firm, leads off by reporting that Ethel Kennedy “has again cut the asking price on her McLean, Va. estate, this time to $12.5 million.” Very puzzling, and given that it’s coming more than two and a half months after the news broke and was reported in multiple places elsewhere, it’s not really a “story” any longer.

Recall that Robert and Ethel Kennedy paid $125,000 in 1957 to buy the estate, at 1147 Chain Bridge Road in McLean, from then-Sen. John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, four years after JFK had purchased it for the same price. The mansion dates to 1815, and has 12 fireplaces, a movie theater, two pools, and a lighted tennis court, all on 5.63 acres.