Public records released this past week reveal the sale price that husband-and-wife actors David Duchovny and Tea Leoni fetched $11,500,000 in their recent sale of their estate in Malibu, Calif.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the amount that the couple reaped for the sale of their home and 5.55-acre spread at 22313 Carbon Mesa Road in Malibu. Back on June 13, we wrote about the couple having listed the five-bedroom, 6,578-square-foot house on Carbon Mesa Road for $12,000,000.


Since that time, the house quickly sold on June 23 (with the deed being recorded on July 15), but details on the sale price have been few and far between until today, as the Los Angeles Times' Ann Brenoff acknowledged in her post on July 17, when she noted that the property had sold but that she knew neither the buyer's identity nor the sale price.

Our friends over at the Real Estalker on August 29 moved the ball even farther down the field by reporting that two sources had whispered to them that actor Mel Gibson was the estate's buyer for a still-unknown price. Now, we can provide Duchovny and Leoni's very competitive sale price. As for Mel being the buyer, we would say that it's highly likely but still not 100 percent confirmed. First off, public records indicate that the buyer, a Santa Monica, Calif.-based trust, is indeed located at the exact same office that is home to the two money managers whose names typically appear on the deeds for many of Gibson's other properties.

As a result, if the buyer is Mel, then Mel also owns the other properties that records show are owned by that same trust as well, including properties in places like in the unincorporated Cornell area of Los Angeles County (near Agoura Hills). Now, while we still cannot say definitely that the buyer of Duchovny and Leoni's house was Gibson, we can say that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.

Finally, where are Duchovny and Leoni off to? That's a terrific question, particularly given that on August 28, Duchovny's lawyer announced that he had checked himself into a clinic (in an undisclosed location) for sex addiction. All the chatter has been that the couple had wanted to move out East and have their kids situated in a new school in time for the new school year. Whether that move actually happened, given Duchovny's recent institutionalization in a clinic, we could not say.

Most recently, Fox News' Roger Friedman reported earlier this month that the couple is relocating to Manhattan's Upper East Side. We have done some detailed searching of public records and have not yet found any record of Duchovny and Leoni (or any of their trusts) being property owners in the New York area yet. We also haven't found any other recent New York-area transactions involving the couple's money managers. Perhaps the couple has indeed purchased something in Gotham and has kept it sufficiently anonymous, or it's also possible that they're renting for the time being. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.