We've had a good bit of fun lately with our reports of some recent Los Angeles real estate sales of homes to obscure, often whimsically named trusts. In many cases, trusts (which either have odd names to them or which otherwise are named after a house's address) end up being ways to mask a celebrity's ownership of a house, particularly in Los Angeles County.

On June 16, for instance, after some tips from our readers that an address in the Pacific Palisades section of Los Angeles (which we had mentioned in an item about actor Jason Priestley) might be the home of Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank, we uploaded a post that questioned whether that house was Swank's. Sure enough, our friends over at the Real Estalker picked up our challenge, and with their always-impeccable sources were able to write a fine post later that day that confirmed that indeed, the house at 439 Paseo Miramar in Pacific Palisades, which was purchased by the Trulli Trust earlier this year for $5,800,000, is indeed Swank's. Two days later, the Real Estalker tapped their sources again, breaking the news in a post that another of the houses that we'd mentioned in the Priestley item that had recently sold, at 562 Stassi Lane in Santa Monica, actually had been purchased by actor Rob Morrow. All we had reported up to that point was that that house had sold on January 19 for $4,300,000 to something called the Stassi Lane Trust.

Now, with the idea of making use of everyone's combined networks of information, we at Big Time Listings are launching an occasional feature called "Which celebrity's house is this?" In this feature, we will present to you the address and all the details that we have on a Los Angeles-area (or New York-area, or Chicago-area) house that has sold recently (or relatively recently) to a trust or other entity that suggests (to us, at least) that an unreported celebrity may have been the buyer.

The first house we're profiling is the four-bedroom house at 217 S. McCadden Place in Los Angeles' Hancock Park neighborhood, which sold in January for $2,258,000. This house is just across the street from the house at 208 S. McCadden Place, which actor Fred Savage recently purchased through his Frumious Bandersnatch Trust for $3,050,000, and which the Real Estalker just wrote a nice post on on Wednesday.

So what's going on across the street from Fred's new house? Built in 1925, the 3,101-square-foot house at 217 S. McCadden place was owned for many years by a lawyer who died in 2005 on his 102nd birthday. It was sold in January (but not recorded until March) to something called the 217 South McCadden Place Trust for $2,258,000, according to public records. The listing agent's information noted that the house has three baths and a large back yard. It also stated that the house "needs work," and that the sale was "subject to probate," which isn't a surprise given that it was sold by the late lawyer's estate.

The CPA whose name appears on the deed, Steven Stroll, does not represent many celebrities. Still and all, the house is more likely to be celebrity-owned because it was purchased through a trust; if it were merely being bought by a rehabber, the home would have been purchasd either in the rehabber's name or through a limited liability corporation.

So? Does anyone know who will be living across the street from Fred?

Stay tuned for more "Which celebrity's house is this?" features to come......