The New York real-estate press has been atwitter over the last two days over the recent reported buyer of the final three units at Trump World Tower in New York, which paid $34,268,185 for the 34-room, 14,864-square-foot penthouse duplex.

Indeed, it had appeared that all that was known was that the buyer was CCHP Holdings LLC.


However, in a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that the buyer behind CCHP Holdings LLC is low-profile Blackstone Group private-equity guru Chinh Chu, who now will own the entire 89th floor and part of the 90th floor (the top floor) of the Trump World Tower.

The $34,268,185 purchase was recorded on Monday morning, according to city records, although city data strangely also report that the purchase price was $33,654,000. The New York Post's fine celebrity real estate columnist Braden Keil reported on Monday morning -- before the purchase actually was recorded -- that Trump had just sold an apartment at Trump World Tower for 'just over $34 million,' the developer told Keil. And later on Monday, after the recording had taken place, the New York Observer's Max Abelson reported on the Observer's 'The Real Estate' blog only that the buyer's identity was CCHP Holdings LLC and that 'a source with knowledge of the deal' had said that the unit will 'belong to an Asian-American moneyman.' Abelson also noted that the unit, which we now can report is Chu's, has 12 bedrooms and 16.5 baths.

Baseball star Derek Jeter lives one floor below Chu's new spread. Abelson also reported that Chu tried to persuade real estate lawyer and investor Dominick D'Alleva, who paid $13.5 million for the other condo on the 90th floor, to sell his unit to Chu.

Abelson reported that the units have 16-foot ceilings.

The unit had been on the market since 2001, and sold for almost $5 million below its most recent listing price, Abelson reported.

Chinh Chu is a senior managing director at the Blackstone Group.