Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' reportedly newly purchased mansion at 1111 Calle Vista Drive in Beverly Hills--which the Los Angeles Times on Sunday reported cost them $35 million and which we wrote about early Sunday and which Your Mama at the Real Estalker also discussed twice on Sunday--is hardly on the most celebrity-intensive street.

Only big-name hairdresser Vidal Sassoon is a fellow resident of Calle Vista Drive, having owned a 6,189-square-foot house on a 1.432-acre parcel a little farther up the road since the early 1990s. Public records show that the neighbors directly adjacent to Cruise's reported new property, whose houses have addresses on Calle Vista, Doheny and Foothill, all are fairly obscure individuals, though obviously all very wealthy.

Also, we're fascinated the Cruise's reported new property—we say reported because the deal hasn't cleared public records yet—on Calle Vista is on what's known as a "flag lot," which means it has a long, narrow driveway off Calle Vista as part of its lot that its owner uses to reach the house (hence the shape of the lot resembling a flag). We think the flag lot will maximize Tom and Katie's privacy.

With respect to rumblings about Cruise and/or the Church of Scientology having been involved in the $9.85 million purchase of the land at 7860 Torreyson Drive in the Hollywood Hills in 2005, we give mad props to the Real Estalker for sharing with the world the address and information about the doings at that property, which is under development. We would add that that property is at the end of Torreyson Drive and is bounded on three sides by a hairpin turn of Mulholland Drive.

The rumors about Tom erecting a compound somewhere in the Hollywood Hills date back almost a year. Late last May, InTouch Weekly reported that Cruise had bought the land in 2005 for $10 million. This was immediately followed by running a dispatch from the World Entertainment News Network that reported that the Church of Scientology "purchased the remote hilltop plot last year (2005) for $10 million and now top Scientologist Cruise hopes to build a home there for himself, wife-to-be Katie Holmes, their baby daughter Suri and his two adopted children, Isabella and Connor." The report added that Cruise had hoped to spend "up to $25 million" after agreeing to "knock down one existing property and buying up a second next door."

Unfortunately, we weren't blogging back then, so we didn't report on that purchase. However, we did take note of it, and we'd always intended to do an update on that property. Here's what we know about the property:

--A company called Dakota Enterprises LLC paid $9.85 million in May 2005 for the property at 7860 Torreyson Drive. Dakota Enterprises does indeed have its headquarters listed, as the Real Estalker noted, at 7051 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, which is indeed a Church of Scientology-owned building.

--In addition, public records show that the only “member, manager or partner” of Dakota Enterprises, LLC is a woman named Nancy Chapman, who is a principal at Chapman, Bird, Grey & Tessler, an accounting firm.

--Nancy Chapman also handles some money matters from Tom Cruise, including having helped to incorporate two recent companies for him: Valtam Pictures International (11/29/2006) and Valtam Pictures (1/11/2007), according to public records.

So clearly, there’s a tie between Cruise and the property at 7860 Torreyson Drive in the Hollywood Hills, clearly Nancy Chapman is not an employee of the Church of Scientology, and clearly Cruise and Holmes are planning to live in Beverly Hills for the foreseeable future. So ultimately, we would assume the same as the Real Estalker did: that the Torreyson Drive property has been assembled for some kind of Scientology-related use like a retreat.

Adding another wrinkle to this lengthy saga is the less than half-acre lot next door at 7847 Torreyson Drive, which records show that director Vincent Gallo purchased from Sasha Stallone’s Savvy Trust in 2004 for an undisclosed amount, then sold in early 2005 for $775,000 to a person who then sold it in August 2005 to a company called Torreyson Property LLC for $1.8 million. It’s unclear whether the parcel at 7847 Torreyson is included as part of the property next door at 7860 Torreyson, but we would note that one of the “members, managers or partners” for Torreyson Property LLC is Craig Tessler, who is part of the firm Chapman, Bird, Grey & Tessler. And Tessler, records show, helped Cruise incorporate a company called Odin Entertainment in August 2003. So the bottom line is that 1) we’d be stunned if Cruise weren’t behind the development of the compound up there on Torreyson Drive, even though he likely has zero intention of ever living there; and 2) we’d be stunned if those two parcels weren’t part of the same ongoing development.

The World Entertainment News Network report (and presumably InTouch Weekly’s report as well) from 2006 also reported on Cruise’s unsuccessful efforts to secure a third adjacent parcel on Torreyson. That would clearly be either at 7837 Torreyson Drive or at 7850 Torreyson Drive. To this day, records show that neither of those landowners has given in and sold to anyone.

And as the Real Estalker also reported, Justin Timberlake does indeed own a house much farther east down Torreyson, on the adjacent street Torreyson Place. Records show that Timberlake’s Valley View Trust paid $8.3 million in July 2002 to purchase actress Helen Hunt’s 12,545-square-foot house on a 2.96-acre parcel at 3100 Torreyson Place.