We haven't written anything yet up to now about Ruth Ryon's report in Sunday's Los Angeles Times about actor Johnny Depp having purchased a new penthouse loft unit in the Eastern Columbia building at 849 S. Broadway Avenue in downtown Los Angeles.


That's in part because almost four months ago, we wrote about Depp's purchase. Ryon's pretty late to the party on this one. We did find it fascinating that she reported that Depp hasn't yet moved in to the unit. At the same time, it was never entirely clear to us why Depp ever needed a penthouse condo in Los Angeles when he already has his gated and celebrated, 7,430-square-foot, castlelike Norman-style mansion on 2.54 acres at 1486 N. Sweetzer Avenue in Los Angeles' Hollywood area that his Mooh Investment Trust purchased in 1995 for a reported $2.3 million. Still and all, a few other corrections by us to Ryon's report: --We're a little puzzled why her column on Sunday entirely ignored the existence of Depp's Hollywood mansion. Check out the "comments" section from our September 14 post for a great history of the mansion, written by our pal E.J. Fleming over at the Movieland Directory. --For whatever reason, Ryon remained vague on the purchase price for Depp's downtown L.A. loft, reporting only that he bought it "for close to $2 million." As we noted on September 14, public records clearly show that Depp paid $2,100,000 for the loft. --Ryon also got the timing of Depp's loft purchase wrong. She reported that he purchased it "in the fall." Actually, public records plainly state that Depp's Sweetzer Trust purchased the unit on July 10. The transaction was recorded with Los Angeles County on July 18. --Ryon reported that two other celebrity buyers in the Eastern Columbia building area comedian ANT and Slade Smiley of "The Housewives of Orange County." However, she didn't provide details on what those two paid for their units. We, however, can tell you that ANT paid $774,500 more than a year ago (on December 8, 2006) for his sixth-floor unit in the building. We're still looking for Smiley's unit; public records (business incorporation records) tie Smiley to unit 903, but public records show that that unit is owned by a family from Oakland. So, it's possible that Smiley owns a different unit in the building. Or, it's also conceivable that Smiley is just a renter, and Ryon was wrong. We'll have some details on the square footage of Depp's new unit in the months to come. Stay tuned.