We were a bit surprised that our New Year's Eve scoop about Howard Stern paying $15,100,000 for more space in Manhattan's Millennium Tower wasn't picked up on (or 'advanced,' as we in the newspaper business say) by anyone else -- that is, until today, when the New York Post's fine celebrity real estate columnist Braden Keil provided his customarily thorough take on the purchase.
Keil correctly notes something that we unfortunately had overlooked in our haste to get our item uploaded before heading off for New Year's Eve reveling: that Stern's purchase actually is of three units on the 53rd floor, and not the two units that we'd reported. As such, the total amount of space that Howard is adding to his 54th-floor penthouse actually totals 4,027 square feet: the combination of three units which are 1,535 square feet, 1,011 square feet and 1,481 square feet, according to public records. So, combining that newly acquired territory with the 4,149 square feet that public records state that the shock jock already owned in his longtime 54th-floor unit (comprised of two units: a 3,138-square-foot unit and a 1,011-square-foot unit), the King of All Media's total real estate in the Millennium Tower now will measure 8,176 square feet, according to public records. That's a lot of space!

Keil also uncovered the listing sheet for the space that Stern bought, which noted that the three 'triple-mint condition' units that Stern purchased most recently had been configured for eight rooms that consist of three bedrooms, a home office, a library and four and a half baths.

Check out the pictures above for a sense of what Howard is buying (and most likely will be gutting and redecorating, as he consolidates this space with his 54th-floor penthouse).