Singer Melissa Etheridge has paid $5,100,000 for a 6,505-square-foot house in the gated Los Angeles suburb of Hidden Hills, Calif.

The Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon today breaks the story of Etheridge buying the house in Hidden Hills. The house is the second residence that Etheridge, 46, owns in Hidden Hills, which is in the westernmost part of the San Fernando Valley. Ryon reported that Etheridge had wanted a larger house than her existing home in Hidden Hills, which we find odd, since her existing home is more than 300 square feet larger, measuring 6,837 square feet, according to public records!

In any case, Ryon also reported that Etheridge's new house had not been on the market.

Some details on each of Etheridge's homes in Hidden Hills:

--She paid $3,595,000 through a trust in 2004 for her first house in Hidden Hills, which as we noted measures 6,837 square feet and sits on a 3.42-acre parcel on Saddle Creek Road.

--Etheridge paid $5,100,000 on May 17 through a trust for her newest house in Hidden Hills. That transaction was recorded on July 19. Built in 1995, the five-bedroom house has seven baths and sits on a 1.41-acre tract, according to public records. We should note that Etheridge whimsically named her newest trust with a nod to her upbringing, since the singer was born in Kansas. And, Etheridge's partner, actress Tammy Lynn Michaels, is a native of Indiana.

It's not clear whether Etheridge plans to keep her first house in Hidden Hills, on Saddle Creek Road. The house does not appear to be currently on the market.

Hidden Hills is a surprisingly popular suburb with Hollywood celebs, which Ryon noted today, since she devoted her entire column to celebrity buying and selling in Hidden Hills. We have written many times in the past about many of these celebs, but here's a quick overview of all current celebs that we know of who live in Hidden Hills or who have lived in the town since 2000:

--As we first reported on August 13, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne paid more than $10 million on July 25 for a six-bedroom, 10,953-square-foot mansion on 2.349 acres in Hidden Hills. The Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon today opens her column with that purchase as a lead item, and as usual fails to give us credit for breaking the story. We'll have the exact purchase price of the Osbournes' new home in a few weeks and we'll of course post it here. (Ryon reported the purchase price as being 'nearly $12.5 million.')

--Actor Brad Garrett is selling his 10,223-square-foot mansion at 25170 Jim Bridger Road in Hidden Hills, which he purchased through his Chickenhawk Trust in early 2004 for $6,384,000. We wrote about Garrett's listing back on April 30, when the house was listed for $9,495,000, and our friends over at the Real Estalker recently posted an exclusive update breaking the news that Garrett had reduced his asking price to $8,790,000. Check out Garrett's listing information here.

--Actress Denise Richards now owns two houses in Hidden Hills. As we reported yesterday as a follow-up to Ryon's report today, Richards' Strudel Trust just paid a reported $4.6 million for a 5,651-square-foot house on Long Valley Road in Hidden Hills that is just down the street from Richards' current, 5,188-square-foot house, which she has on the market for $3,900,000. We wrote on April 10 about the 5,188-square-foot house being on the market.

--As we exclusively reported on September 6, actor Matt LeBlanc on August 14 sold his six-bedroom, 11,158-square-foot house at 5580 Bill Cody Road in Hidden Hills. We're still awaiting the final sale price for that house, which LeBlanc had listed for $10,295,000. LeBlanc had purchased that house through his Skyline Trust in late 2005 for exactly $9,000,000.

--Actor Beau Bridges has owned a 5,781-square-foot house on Jed Smith Road in Hidden Hills since 1988.

--Lisa Marie Presley has been rumored to live in Hidden Hills.

--Howie Mandel lived in Hidden Hills for a time; his former house, at 24710 Robert Guy Road, currently is on the market. See our April 7 post about his house.

--Finally, as Ryon exclusively reported today, composer Graeme Revell, who is something of a real-estate mogul with all the high-end buying and selling that he's done all over the L.A. area over the years, recently sold his approximately 12,000-square-foot (public records state that it's 8,940 square feet), European manor-style mansion at 6084 John Muir Road. Ryon reported the sale price at being 'about $8 million.' The sale closed on May 10 and was recorded on August 16, according to public records.