Given his love of the town, it was a matter of time, we suppose, before Matthew McConaughey became a more 'permanent' resident of Malibu, Calif., actually purchasing real estate there rather than living in a rental or occupying his cluttered Airstream trailer, as he has in the past.


This morning, the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon is reporting that McConaughey has bought 'a $10 million home' in Malibu. Public records don't yet show that a sale has taken place. However, we believe Ruth -- and the story that she reported is that the often-shirtless actor decided to buy a house that 'wasn't even on the market.' McConaughey apparently hammered out a deal 'after he personally knocked on the door' of the house that he wanted to buy.

Based on Ryon's description of the house, it appears that McConaughey purchased the house at 6910 Wildlife Road in Malibu -- although we're open to other suggestions as well. Property records tell us that 6910 Wildlife, which is just five houses up the road from the oceanfront compound at 6962 Wildlife Road that the late Johnny Carson's widow sold earlier this year for a reported $38 million, is the sole house with a Malibu address that fits all of Ryon's descriptors: built in 1949, four bedrooms, three baths, on 'slightly more than an acre' (it's on a 1.05-acre lot, to be precise), and '3,500 square feet' (it's 3,550 square feet, to be precise). The house at 6910 Wildlife also is on a very, very deep lot -- and while it's not directly on the ocean, it's just a few lots away from it.

We don't have a photo of 6910 Wildlife, but we would note that the house at 6910 Wildlife has been owned by celebrities in the past. In particular, Richard Page, the lead singer of the 1980s band Mr. Mister ('Broken Wings,' 'Kyrie,' 'Is It Love') sold the house in 1996 to its most recent owner for $1,260,000, according to public records.

We'll keep you posted on McConaughey's new house in Malibu -- and its purchase price -- as more details become available.

We have, of course, written plenty about McConaughey selling out of his Hollywood Hills compound in the last year, including on December 17, 2006, on April 9, and on July 31.