Yesterday, in the midst of writing about Denise Richards putting her house in Hidden Hills, Calif. up for sale, we were the first ever to print details on the six-bedroom, 11,158-square-foot mansion in Hidden Hills that “Friends” actor Matt LeBlanc very quietly purchased for $9 million in late 2005 through his Skyline Trust.

We didn’t, however, check to see whether his house, at 5580 Bill Cody Road in Hidden Hills, might be back on the market (shame on us, because a simple google search would have done the trick), particularly given that LeBlanc’s divorce from his wife Melissa McKnight became final on October 6, 2006. Today, the Real Estalker done a fine job of reporting the latest: LeBlanc wants $10,295,000 for the mansion, just over a year after buying it. And, in a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can reveal that public records suggest that he may be moving to Pacific Palisades.

Public records show that LeBlanc’s Skyline Trust purchased the Hidden Hills house in October 2005—just two and a half months before he and McKnight separated. He filed for divorce in March 2006, but their marriage had been on thin ice ever since LeBlanc copped to “inappropriate conduct” with a stripper during a vacation in British Columbia—conduct that prompted LeBlanc publicly apologizing in August 2005 public apology both to his wife and to the public.

Our best guess, then, is that LeBlanc and McKnight owned the Hidden Hills house together, and that a result of the divorce settlement, they are required to sell the house. Interestingly enough, LeBlanc and McKnight have never sold their prior home—his four-bedroom, 5,409-square-foot house at 17651 Belinda Street in Encino that he purchased (along with the adjacent 1,966-square-foot house at 17653 Belinda Street) through his Skyline Trust in 1999 for $2.8 million. And, that 2.12-acre, hilltop spread in Encino, which has a 250-gallon saltwater aquarium, a wine-tasting area with storage for 2,000 bottles of wine, a railway winding through the rock gardens and a tunnel under its tennis court, is not currently on the market, suggesting that one of them may ultimately head back to that house.

Check out listing information—complete with photos—for LeBlanc’s Hidden Hills house here.

Where might LeBlanc move? He continues to own a 1,064-acre ranch at 9215 Alisos Canyon Road in Los Alamos, Calif., up in Santa Barbara County, which he quietly purchased in 2002 through his Skyline Trust for an undisclosed price, according to public records.

And, in November 2006, the Skyline Trust purchased a four-bedroom, 3,930-square-foot house at 1223 Amalfi Drive in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades area for an undisclosed price, according to public records. Could this be Matt’s new home? It’s possible, but it’s not guaranteed. We can’t tell—yet—if it’s the same Skyline Trust as the one that LeBlanc has used to make all of his other property purchases over the years, particularly since the name of the accountant/rep on the trust that bought the Pacific Palisades house is a different person (and is with a different accounting firm) than the name of the accountant/rep who has appeared on the deeds for all of LeBlanc’s other property purchases over the years. We’ll keep you posted.

We should comment, however, that Amalfi Drive historically has been a very celebrity-intensive area; actor Patrick Stewart owned a 6,895-square-foot house at 1309 Amalfi Drive from 2001 until 2004, while actress/radio host Whoopi Goldberg has owned the 7,039-square-foot house at 1461 Amalfi Drive since buying it for $2,547,500 in 1993, according to public records.

Also, we should note that LeBlanc purchased his first L.A.-area house in 1995, when he paid close to the $399,000 asking price for the 1,896-square-foot, mountaintop house at 3610 Alta Mesa Road in Studio City through his Skyline Trust, according to public records and a Los Angeles Times article at the time. LeBlanc then sold that house for $725,000 in 2000, according to public records.