Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis Stewart, has paid $16 million to purchase her fourth and fifth apartments in the 16-story crystalline condominium building overlooking the Hudson River at 165 Charles Street in Manhattan’s West Village. Stewart, 41, clearly likes the building, given that she keeps buying and buying in it. In September 2006, she paid $19,119,000 through her Triplex LLC company to buy three units in the building. Now, through that same LLC, she has purchased two more units for $8.32 million and $7.68 million each, which comprise the entire 15th floor. Now, Stewart will own a five-bedroom, 4,897-square-foot apartment with dual balconies, according to the New York Observer. Stewart bought the unit from art-magazine baroness Louise T. Blouin MacBain, the Observer reported. MacBain had paid $15,152,800 for the units, and will hang onto the penthouse unit in the building, which is one floor above the units that she sold to Stewart. It isn’t clear if Stewart’s new units are contiguous with the ones she bought last fall.