Musician and artist Marilyn Manson has sold his house in the Chatsworth area of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley for $1,025,000.

In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Manson's sale of his house at 10521 Laramie Avenue in Chatsworth. The sale closed on October 3, and the deal was recorded, fittingly enough, on Halloween.





We wrote about Manson's listing (for $1,100,000) back on October 14 (unbeknownst to us, he already had a deal for his house!).

As we had noted back on October 14, we're still puzzled by why Manson sold the house for the amount that he did given that he purchased it in early 2004 for $1,270,000, according to public records. There's clearly a backstory there; we just don't know what it is (e.g., were Manson's changes to the house so outlandish that they actually drove the home's value down? Did Manson wildly overpay in 2004? Is the housing market today *that* bad in Chatsworth? Etc. If any readers have any ideas, let us know.).

Built in 1937, Manson's completely rebuilt, one-story house sits on a 0.55-acre lot and has an oversized living room, a separate office/library, a home theatre room, and hardwood floors, according to public records and listing information. Outside are a pool, a covered cabana and rolling lawns, according to listing information.

It's unclear where Manson is headed. When we find out, we'll of course provide those details here.