Sale prices have cleared public records for two much-written about (including here) Los Angeles celebrity real estate transactions: the Hollywood Hills mansion that rocker Slash recently sold, and the massive Bel-Air mansion that the late Los Angeles Rams co-owner Georgia Frontiere once owned that recently sold.




Records show that Slash reaped $5,725,000 for the sale of his five-bedroom, 5,539-square-foot Spanish-style mansion at 1924 Wattles Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Back on December 27, we were the first to report on the sale. At that time, however, neither we (nor any other celebrity real-estate gossips) knew the sale price of Slash's mansion. Last week's Forbes article, which we've already written about at length, got it close, reporting that the mansion had fetched "$5.7 million." Public records now available through Los Angeles County, however, show more precisely that Slash's sale price was $5,725,000. Also, newly available records show that the 10,276-square-foot (or 11,818-square-foot, depending on your source) mansion at 10410 Bellagio Drive in Los Angeles' Bel-Air enclave that was owned until 2005 by the Los Angeles Rams' co-owner Georgia Frontiere sold on November 13 for exactly $27,500,000. Back on October 9, we had been the first to report on the mansion (pictured) coming on the market, for a whopping $29,975,000. On December 30, the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon broke the story of the Bellagio Drive mansion having sold, but, as we noted in our follow-up post to that report, Ryon inaccurately had identified Frontiere as the seller, and she also had put the sale price at her typically vague "close to $30 million." The Wall Street Journal's "Private Properties" column on January 11 unknowingly got the Bellagio Drive sale price 100 percent correct, reporting that Hilton Hotels Chief Executive Christopher Nassetta had paid "about $27.5 million" for the onetime Frontiere mansion. Indeed, records now released show that Nassetta paid *exactly* $27,500,000 for the mansion.