Our post last week wondering whether Lindsay Lohan was indeed -- as had been reported on various gossip websites and in various international newspapers -- living in the Beverly Hills, Calif. guest house of film producer Tom Gores brought a swift reply from a representative of Gores.


'The story is totally false,' Mark Barnhill told us. 'It is absolute fiction. Tom Gores has never met Lindsay Lohan. He has never spoken to her. She is not staying in his guest house nor anywhere else connected to him. Mr. Gores is a financial backer of a film production company (360 Pictures) that recently produced a film in which Ms. Lohan acted. But he has no other professional or personal connection to her.'

We appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight, and we of course apologize for passing along information that turned out to be erroneous (although we'd hasten to add that we included a reaction from a Gores representative in our original post as well).

Still and all, the question remains: where is LiLo living? It's been widely reported that Lindsay intends to spend a lot of time in the coming months in Utah with the filming of the flick 'Dare to Love Me.' But where will she hang her hat while in L.A.? At the Chateau Marmont? Or will she get a more permanent residence? We'll keep you posted.