Legendary Hollywood manager and TV producer Albert "Sandy" Gallin has sold a newly built house in Beverly Hills to movie producer Roger Birnbaum for $20 million, according to public records and the Los Angeles Times. The Times' Ruth Ryon on Sunday broke the story of Gallin's sale of the house at 1031 Summit Drive, which the paper reported is the 40th house that Gallin, 67, "has either refurbished or built." Birnbaum, whose name has not yet been identified in any coverage of the sale, has produced (or executive produced) literally dozens of movies over the last several decades, including "Rush Hour," "The Lookout," "Memoirs of a Geisha," "Seabiscuit," "Bruce Almighty," "The Recruit," "Inspector Gadget," "While You Were Sleeping," "The Jerky Boys," and "Who's That Girl?" We can't independently confirm Gallin's sale price yet (although when it clears public records, we'll provide it here) nor the accuracy of whether the house truly is Gallin's 40th. We can, however, speak to the fact that the house clearly was newly built by Gallin. Public records show that the prior house on the property was built in 1947 and originally had five bedrooms, seven baths and 5,969 square feet, on a flag-shaped lot. The newly constructed (or refurbished) house that Gallin just sold measures 7,500 square feet, the Times reported. Gallin sold the house before it ever was put on the market, the paper reported. We would like to clear up a few other errors in Ryon's piece as well. Gallin actually purchased the site in November 2005 (i.e., just over a year and a half ago), and not "two years ago," as Ryon had reported. And, Gallin actually paid $5,350,000 for the land, and not the "$5.5 million" that Ryon ahd reported. We can also direct you to the Real Estalker's recent coverage of the property as well, here and here.