Socialite/model/actress/celebutante Kim Kardashian has placed her condo unit in 1,720-square-foot Los Angeles on the market for $1,099,000.


Our friends over at the Real Estalker wrote about Kardashian's listing a little less than two weeks ago, and we wanted to piggyback on that before it gets too late. Interestingly, we actually were the first of all celebrity real estate gossips to write about the existence of Kardashian's condo, in our inaugural post in our popular "Where in the world is?" series, back on December 16, 2007. You can see that post here.

Although listing information calls the condo West Hollywood, we actually consider the neighborhood *next to* West Hollywood. But, let's not quibble about that; let's instead talk about the unit itself.

Records show that Kardashian paid $850,000 in 2005 -- just a year after the 23-unit, Mediterranean-style building was erected -- to purchase the unit from a builder. Kim's second-floor unit has three bedrooms and two and a half baths, according to public records and listing information. It's in "one of the trendiest buildings in West Hollywood," according to listing information (and yes, we'd definitely agree with the Real Estalker that that statement is a stretch -- by a lot!), and has a "massive walk in closet" in the "luxurious master suite," according to listing information. Check out Your Mama's post over at the Real Estalker for a thorough (and accurate) deconstruction of Kardashian's interior design.

Pay no attention to listing information that says the unit measures 1,750 square feet; they're rounding up. Public records say it's 1,720 square feet.

Where is Kim off to? A great clue can be found in our December 2007 post, where we predicted that "if Kim's career takes off, expect to see her trade up from this condo unit to a gated single-family dwelling somewhere." We stand by that prediction. Stay tuned.