Yesterday our pal Your Mama over at the Real Estalker wrote a terrific post about the house in the hills above Los Angeles that hip-hopper Kanye West owns, stating much about the property but unfortunately acknowledging that she did not have its exact address (the house had been described in a magazine article). One commenter helpfully stated that the house is on Oriole Way (not true), while another noted that Kanye lives on Fareholm Drive. We can report that it's a fact that Kanye West does indeed live on Fareholm Drive in the Hills, where he paid $1,750,000 in late 2003 for his house.


Public records show that West's KW International LLC company (which, you'll note, is slightly different than the KWLA international LLC company that we wrote about the other day in describing the entity that Kanye had used to buy the house at 631 N. Crescent in Beverly Hills that he now has on the market for $8,699,000).

That's not the only idiosyncrasy involving West's house in the Hills. Built in 2002 and containing three bedrooms and four baths, according to public records, the house also has two different addresses reported for it as part of public records. The correct address of the house is 7882 W. Fareholm Drive. However, one public-records database regularly (and erroneously) calls the house 2882 W. Fareholm Drive, so Kanye's pad often is mistakenly described thusly (try a google search yourself, if you're not sure).

One thing is for certain, however: the house is on a tiny, tiny lot (just 0.12 of an acre).

Plenty of other stars have lived up on Fareholm over the years. As we wrote back on June 26, former NFL star Cade McNown earlier this year sold his house at 7933 Fareholm for $3,499,000 -- a house that minor '70s and '80s TV star Terry Kiser once owned.