Back in March, we wrote about rap star Kanye West purchasing a 3,299-square-foot house in the flats of Beverly Hills, Calif., shortly after the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon had reported that West had paid 'close to $7.2 million' for the house.


Now, in a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that public records have cleared on West's purchase, and they reveal that West did indeed pay 'close to $7.2 million' for his new digs. To be exact, he paid $7,150,000, according to recently released Los Angeles County records. Kudos to Ryon for getting this purchase price right.

Built in 1921, West's new two-story, six-bedroom house at 631 N. Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills sits on a 0.79-acre parcel and had been on the market for the first time in close to 45 years, according to listing information. The house previously had been listed for $8,499,000 and later was reduced to $7,499,000.

There's little listing information available online on the house. Check out this spartan online listing sheet for the house.

Recent information suggests that the house may not stay up for long--if it's still up at all. We're in Chicago--readers, does anyone know if the house still stands? The Aug. 2, 2007 agenda for the Beverly Hills Design Review Commission reveals that it has received an application to construct a new, two-story house at that address. We'll keep you posted on Kanye's progress.