Singer/heartthrob Julio Iglesias has demolished his mansion in Miami's Indian Creek Village area after he couldn't find a buyer for it at listing prices ranging from $32,000,000 all the way down to $23,000,000 or $24,000,000 or $25,000 (depending on which source one consults), and he's now going to build a Spanish-style hacienda on the site.


The Wall Street Journal's 'Private Properties' column today broke the story (no link yet available online) of Iglesias' trials and tribulations surrounding his now-razed mansion at 5 Indian Creek Drive in Indian Creek Village, Fla., which was on land that the singer has owned either since 1978 or since 1980, depending on which Wall Street Journal 'Private Properties' column one believes. In today's paper, the singer told the column that 'we went down, down down [in price] and then I thought, you know, this is too cheap.'





Iglesias concluded that the eight-bedroom house, which was built in 1954 and which measured either 10,350 square feet (according to the Journal and some listing information), 10,328 square feet (according to other listing information) or 9,778 square feet (according to public records) was not family-friendly. 'The house was built for a couple [and] suddenly I had five kids,' the 64-year-old singer said, referring to his five youngest children who were born between 1997 and 2007 (Iglesias has three older kids, including of course, his heartthrob son Enrique). Now, Iglesias plans to build a Spanish-style hacienda on the Indian Creek Village property, which measures four acres (according to listing information and the Journal) or 3.68 acres across two lots (according to public records).

Iglesias first had listed the property in 2002 for $32,000,000. He later reduced it to $29,000,000 and then, in 2005, to $28,000,000. The Journal reported today that the property's final listing price was $25,000,000, but we found online listing sheets for the house for $24,000,000 and $23,000,000, so choose whichever number you like.

Public records show that the property, which the Journal reported was Iglesias' only U.S. residence, is owned by Iglesias' Somerville Corporation NV. Iglesias also has homes in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and in southern Spain, the paper reported.

The property has about 400 feet of frontage on Florida's Intracoastal Waterway and at least one pool (today's paper reported that it has one pool, but a past 'Private Properties' column noted that it has two swimming pools).

Check out online listing sheets -- complete with photos -- of the house that Iglesias demolished here and here.