The sale price for actor Josh Duhamel's former, 2,516-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Brentwood neighborhood has cleared public records, which reveal that the actor fetched $2,389,000 for the house, or just $11,000 below his asking price.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the sale price for Duhamel's former, contemporary-style house, which he purchased in 2003 for $1,475,000.

We first wrote about Duhamel listing the contemporary style house, at 1135 N. Kenter Avenue in Los Angeles, back on April 15. We then wrote on June 10 about Duhamel and his lady friend Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson's new, 8,232-square-foot house in Brentwood, and we also addressed a report by the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon -- which had turned out to be true -- that Duhamel had sold his house.

Finally, on July 7, we revealed for the first time that Duhamel and Fergie had paid $4,875,000 for their new, much larger house in Brentwood, which literally is up the street from his old house.

Built in 1956, Duhamel's old house has three baths, walls of glass, ocean views, a kitchen with a center island, a wet bar, an infinity pool and a spa, according to listing information. The sale closed on May 11, and was recorded on May 31.

One final note: we ride Ryon pretty hard for often being blatantly wrong -- when she (merely speculatively -- with no factual basis) reports on a sale and notes that it closed for "close to" a house's listing price. By now, it's obvious that Ryon uses the phrase "close to" as a device to appear to readers like she knows for approximately what amount a property sold for when the record clearly (and damningly) shows that in most cases she has had no idea for what amount a property sold.

However, in the case of Duhamel's former house, Ryon's June 10 report on Duhamel's sale price actually did wind up being accurate; she wrote that the house sold "for close to the asking price of $2.4 million," and we'd say that $2,389,000 is "close to" $2.4 million.