It's not unusual that singer-songwriter Jewel is a celebrity who has had a Los Angeles-area house on the market for quite some time -- in Jewel's case, her 1,781-square-foot house in the Hollywood Hills, which has been listed for $1,750,000.


However, what does make Jewel extremely unique is that her two-bedroom house appears to have a buyer. In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that Jewel's house recently has gone to contract, and currently is "looking for backup," which in MLS parlance means that an offer has been made and it has been accepted by the seller (in this case, by Jewel herself).

We wrote about Jewel's listing back on October 22, shortly after it had been placed on the market on October 9. And records show that Jewel's Hiranya Chandler Trust purchased the house in late 2003 for $1,325,000.

Built in 1938, Jewel’s Spanish-style house in L.A. has two baths, a home office, a three-car garage, and a kitchen with an island, a Viking stove and a Sub-Zero refrigerator, according to public records and listing information. Other features in the house include a master suite with a large private deck, according to listing information. The house sits on a rather small, 0.15-acre (6,717-square-foot) lot, according to public records.

Check out an online listing sheet for Jewel's house -- complete with photos -- here. As we pointed out in October, note how the listing agent tries to have his cake and eat it too — he omits the address from the listing sheet (something rarely done in the Los Angeles MLS), but at the same time plays up its celebrity-owned status.

Jewel also owns a 2,200-acre ranch in Stephenville, Texas, in Erath County, which she considers to be her primary residence.

As we close, we have some clear unfinished business from our October 22 post involving our loyal commenter tlp333, who had commented on that post with a query about whether jewel had owned a condo at 2600 Hillsboro Pike in Nashville from March 2007 until selling it in June 2008. Tlp333 suggested that that condominium unit might have been Jewel's since she was judging TV's "Nashville Star" at the time (and recording in Nashville), and also because the money manager whose name is on the deeds of those transactions, Lester Knispel, is one who has represented Jewel in her Los Angeles property ownership (as well as plenty of other big-name celebs as well). We have to say, we do not know at this time if that was or wasn't Jewel's residence. We'll do some more digging on it, but the jury (pardon the pun) is out on that one for now. Stay tuned.