Actress Jennifer Jason Leigh and her husband, writer-director Noah Baumbach, have paid $1.26 million to buy the co-op unit next-door to theirs in their building in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, according to public records.

Leigh, whose real name is Jennifer Morrow, and Baumbach purchased the fourth-floor unit in the building at 43 Fifth Avenue from fashion designer Roland Leal and Joseph Montebello, who is the former creative director of HarperCollins, according to the New York Observer. The unit had not been listed. Instead, Leigh and Baumbach directly approached Montebello, who had been in the unit since 1964, and Leal, who moved in in 1974, the Observer reported. Now, the paper noted, Leigh and Baumbach can combine their units into one.

Leigh, 45, clearly likes older structures. Her five-bedroom, 4,436-square-foot house at 1825 N. Curson Avenue in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood neighborhood was built in 1910, and the building at 43 Fifth Avenue was built in 1905. And for a change, Leigh bought the unit in her own name, and not through her Ralph Juniper Trust. It was through that trust’s name that Leigh purchased her house in L.A. back in 1995 for $813,644, and it was also through that trust that she bought her original, 680-square-foot, one-bedroom co-op unit at 43 Fifth Avenue back in 2002, according to public records. That unit had been listed for $675,000, and it sold to Leigh for an undisclosed amount.

The building at 43 Fifth Avenue never has had any shortage of star power. In late 2005, actress Holly Hunter paid $4.1 million to buy a four-bedroom unit in the building from actress Julia Roberts, who had listed the 3,000-square-foot unit for $4.995 million. In addition, Leigh’s first unit previously had been owned by actress Jeanne Tripplehorn, who sold it to Leigh.