A two-bedroom, Mediterranean-style house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills that jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty once owned -- and that actress Angelina Jolie reportedly took a look at last summer -- has been listed for exactly $2,000,000. 08-259999.jpg08-259999-2.jpg08-259999-3.jpg08-259999-4.jpg08-259999-5.jpg08-259999-6.jpg The Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon reports in today's "Hot Property" column on the listing of the house, at 1840 Laurel Canyon Boulevard in Los Angeles. Ryon unfortunately was a bit vague, however, on whether Ponty does or doesn't own the house to this day -- she referred to it as Ponty's 'longtime L.A. residence' and only noted vaguely at the end that the violinist had subsequently moved back to France. It's unclear why she didn't just come right out and report that Ponty actually sold the house in 1996 for $275,000 (as a simple check of public records shows), to the fellow who now has it on the market. Even more interesting, however, is a published report in London's Daily Star (feel free to take this with a grain of salt!) from last August 15 that actress Angelina Jolie had taken a look at the house. Reports at that time noted that Angelina was househunting alone after being furious that her beau, Brad Pitt, had purchased a bachelor pad in Berlin, Germany, less than six miles from the mansion that the couple own in Berlin. Built in 1922 (according to public records) or 1923 (according to listing information), the house measures 1,617 square feet (according to public records) or 2,800 square feet (according to listing information. Features in the completely furnished and newly remodeled home include two baths, a rock pool, a sauna, a whirlpool, waterfalls, hot outdoor showers, an outdoor entertainment area, a workout and massage pavilion, and lush palm and fruit gardens, all on a 0.25-acre property, according to public records and listing information. Check out an online listing sheet for the house -- complete with photos -- here. And take a look at the property website here.