Before we attack the raft of requests that we received from our amazing readers in response to our "Now taking requests" post the other day, we want to provide -- as promised -- a round-up of all property (in Los Angeles County and otherwise) owned by acting legend Jack Nicholson, who for us is, like Warren Beatty, one of the icons who embodies Hollywood the most.


A few days ago, we gave a rundown of everything that Nicholson's longtime pal Beatty owns. Now, it's appropriate to write about all of the properties that are owned by Nicholson, whose principal dwelling is his longtime house on Mulholland Drive in the Beverly Hills, Calif. Post Office, which he has owned "since God was a child," as Newsweek once wrote.

Below is a list of everything that we know of that Nicholson owns or has owned in the past in the U.S. Like Beatty, Nicholson owns what can best be described as a multi-parcel compound on Mulholland Drive, totaling 2.92 acres and also containing a pool and a putting green. We'll discuss those four properties first, and then move on to some other properties around the country that it's not as widely known that Jack owns:

--Nicholson's longtime, 3,303-square-foot house at 12850 Mulholland Drive (built in 1957), which he has owned since July 10, 1969 and which sits on a 0.53-acre (23,000-square-foot) lot (PIN # 4386-003-009)

--A 3,197-square-foot house at 12830 Mulholland Drive (built in 1947), which he has owned since mid-1993 and which sits on a 0.48-acre (20,909-square-foot) lot (PIN # 4386-003-015)

--A 2,117-square-foot house at 12758 Mulholland Drive (built in 1947), which he has owned since late 1993 and which sits on exactly a 1-acre lot (PIN # 4386-003-016)

--The vacant, 0.97-acre (39,997-square-foot) property at 12900 Mulholland Drive that Nicholson purchased from actor Marlon Brando's estate (Larry Dressler and Avra Douglas) in March 2005 for exactly $5,000,000 (PIN # 4386-003-010). Nicholson bought the property and Brando's decrepit house, and then razed the house -- which was known as Frangipani -- shortly thereafter. The demolition wasn't a surprise, based on the fact that Nicholson had told Army Archerd in 2006 that Brando's house had become "decrepit" and had a mold problem. "And getting the mold out would be difficult. It's more than likely we will take the house down," Nicholson told Archerd at the time.

--The 1,301-square-foot house at 7327 Woodrow Wilson Drive in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills that Nicholson has owned since buying it in 1973 for $49,000. That house, which was built in 1950, sits on a 0.41-acre (17,847-square-foot), flag-shaped lot. (PIN # 2427-010-004)

--A 1,188-square-foot condo unit on Main Street in Los Angeles' Venice area (PIN # 4286-017-068) that Nicholson has owned since buying it in 1989 for $327,000, and that he has co-owned with a woman (not a celebrity or an obvious paramour of his) since 1993.

--A 2,313-square-foot house (built in 1966) on 28.01 acres on Yellow Hill Road in Malibu, Calif. (inside Ventura County, and not Los Angeles County), which is a parcel that he has owned for years

--A 3,018-square-foot house at 626 Kaimalino Street in Kailua, Hawaii, which he purchased at an unknown date and which sits on a 0.35-acre (15,419-square-foot), oceanfront lot (PIN # 4-4-024-055)

--A 2.66-acre parcel in Shasta County in northern California that he purchased at an unknown date (PIN # 065-220-64)

--A five-bedroom, 5,790-square-foot, Victorian-style house (built in 1895) at 206 Lake Avenue in Aspen, Col. that sits on a 0.27-acre (11,921-square-foot) lot and that Nicholson purchased at an unknown date

--A 3,260-square-foot house (built in 1977) on 3.52 acres at 2564 Maroon Creek Road in Aspen, which Nicholson purchased at an unknown date

--A 918-square-foot condominium unit at 38996 Highway 82 in Aspen, which he has owned since buying it for an undisclosed price in 2002

Nicholson's former properties (all in the L.A. area):

--A 3,324-square-foot house on a 0.24-acre (10,467-square-foot) lot at 12644 Mulholland Drive in the Beverly Hills PO that he had co-owned with a non-celebrity man (the CEO of an L.A. business) but that he then deeded entirely to that non-celebrity in May 2002 for an undisclosed amount

--A two-bedroom, 1,503-square-foot house on a 0.32-acre (14,109-square-foot) lot at 8835 Skyline Drive in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills that he purchased in 1984 for $142,000 and that he deeded to a (non-celebrity) woman in December 2007 for an undisclosed amount

--A three-bedroom, 1,688-square-foot house (built in 1926) on a 0.20-acre (8,699-square-foot) lot at 231 23rd Street in Santa Monica, which he purchased in 2002 for $1,500,000 and which he sold in 2006 for $2,350,000

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