Actress Jane Sibbett has cut the asking price of her 16.96-acre ranch in Los Angeles County’s unincorporated Topanga area from $7,000,000 to either $5,200,000 or $5,300,000, depending on the source.


The Wall Street Journal’s “Private Properties” column today reported on the price reduction of the ranch, which is at 1291 Will Geer Road in Topanga. The Journal reported that Sibbett, who had a small starring role on TV’s “Friends,” now wants $5,200,000 for the ranch, while the Los Angeles County MLS reports that the ranch is on the market for $5,300,000.






Whatever the exact amount the ranch is on the market for, the recent reduction represents a significant price cut for the ranch, which we wrote about on November 11, 2007. Sibbett and her writer-producer husband, Karl Fink, paid $750,000 in mid-1998 through their Bob Trust to buy the Topanga property, and then transferred it into their own names in October 2003. Features on the property include a 6,400-square-foot house that was rebuilt in 2005 (public records, however, call the house just 4,937 square feet) and that has four and a half baths, according to listing information. The house also has a family room, a large gourmet kitchen, and a dining room, all with plank floors and ceilings, according to listing information. Other features include four fireplaces inside and out, a nursery/office, decks, lawns, a vegetable garden, a six-horse barn, a large, fun arena, a medicine wheel, and 360-degree views, according to listing information. Check out an online listing sheet for Sibbett’s house – complete with photos – here and here. We still have no update on the Journal’s report back in November that Sibbett and Fink had gone to contract to purchase an approximately $2 million farm in Hawaii. When we learn more on that, we’ll of course report it here. Also, check out our November 17, 2007 post for more details on Sibbett and Fink’s past real estate in the Los Angeles area.