Shock jock Howard Stern has paid $15,100,000 for two apartments, totaling 2,546 square feet, on the 53rd floor of Manhattan's Millennium Tower, just one level below his 4,149-square-foot penthouse.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the purchase by Stern's Mapp 1998 LLC company, which was just recorded at 2:08PM Eastern time today. Public records show that Stern, 53, went to contract to buy the two units on June 7, and he closed on the deal on December 17.


It's been widely reported in the past that Stern owns two units on the 54th floor of the Millennium Tower, which is at 101 W. 67th Street / 1992 Broadway in Manhattan. Indeed, public records show that Stern paid $4,755,000 in 1998 through his Mapp 1998 LLC company for a 3,138-square-foot unit, and he paid $995,000 in 1998 through that same company at the same time for an adjoining, 1,011-square-foot unit. So, the shock jock paid $5,750,000 in 1998 for his existing penthouse, and not the $5.9 million figure that has been widely reported and quoted over the years (including by us).

In terms of Stern's other properties, we wrote back in June about the more than 16,000-square-foot mansion that he is building at 1 Squabble Lane in Southampton, N.Y. We also wrote on March 15 about the house at 2080 Meadow Lane in Southampton that Stern has been renting until his Squabble Lane mansion is finished.

Also, early last year, Stern's Mapp 2002 LLC company sold a six-bedroom, oceanfront house on 1.74 acres at 70 Shipwreck Drive in Amagansett, N.Y. for $7.6 million. The shock jock had owned that house since early 2003, when he had bought it for $5,500,000.