TV home-improvement guru Bob Vila has sold a 49th-floor condominium unit in Manhattan, which he had used for an office, for $2.85 million, according to public records.


Vila, 60, has his primary residence in Florida, but has a 2,248-square-foot, 35th-floor pied-a-terre unit in the 52-story Museum Tower condominium building at 15 West 53rd Street in Manhattan, which wife Diana Barrett took ownership of in early 2001 from her now-deceased socialite mother Gioconda King, according to public records and the New York Times' Apr. 1 "Big Deal" column. Then, in 2004, Vila decided he wanted additional space for a family office, and he purchased a unit in the same building--but 14 floors higher up--in 2004 for $1.45 million, according to public records.

Now, Vila has turned around and sold that 49th-floor office in the Museum Tower to a hedge fund manager who is planning to combine it with an adjacent unit, the Times reported. Vila appears to be hanging on to the 35th-floor unit for now.

There appears to be no listing information available for Vila's former 49th-floor unit.

In Florida, Vila and wife Diana Barrett own two houses: a 3,226-square-foot house at 351 Gilchrist Avenue in Boca Grande that they purchased in 1991 for exactly $1 million, and a 7,000-square-foot mansion at 690 Island Drive in Palm Beach that was designed by celebrated architect Marion Sims Wyeth (1889-1982), which they took title to in December 2005 after inheriting it from King after her death at age 91 in November 2004, according to public records. Vila has been in the process of renovating the Island Drive mansion, according to news accounts.