Actress Hilary Swank, who paid $5,800,000 earlier this year for a mansion in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades, tells W Magazine in its January 2008 issue that she left New York City after eight years because 'I looked and looked and looked for a place in New York. I just didn't find anything. Prices have just skyrocketed!'

In January, Swank and her actor ex-husband Chad Lowe sold their four-level, 3,196-square-foot town house at 33 Charles Street in Manhattan's West Village through their Varna Trust for $7,050,000, according to public records. W Magazine speculates that Swank, who now is dating her former agent John Campisi, moved to L.A. to be nearer to her new beau.

'While she won't say she moved to L.A. to be close to Campisi, it's hard not to assume he's part of the equation -- especially since the reasons she does give for abandoning the Big Apple are far from convincing,' the magazine writes, referring to the actress' quotes above.

As we and our pals over at the Real Estalker had reported earlier this year, Swank paid $5,800,000 in March through her Trulli Trust to buy the 6,722-square-foot mansion at 439 Paseo Miramar in L.A.'s Pacific Palisades area.

At the same time, New York magazine reported last month that Swank has been looking for a loft and that she may be buying a two-bedroom unit in the Superior Ink development at 400 W. 12th Street / 70 Bethune Street / 469 West Street in Manhattan, in the far, far West Village (i.e., almost to the Hudson River).

We'll keep you posted.