Go-Go’s bassist Kathy Valentine and her actor-musician husband, Steven Weisburd, have sold their six-bedroom house in Studio City, Calif. for $1,770,000, according to public records, pulling up their final property stakes in southern California.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report that Valentine, 48, sold the 3,721-square-foot house at 3914 Ethel Avenue in Studio City, which she and Weisburd had purchased in 2002 for $1,390,000, according to public records.

The Los Angeles Times first reported in August that Valentine had listed the house for nearly $2.2 million, and noted that Valentine was heading back to her hometown of Austin, Texas, where she had purchased a new home. Indeed, public records show that in May 2006, she and her husband paid an undisclosed amount for a 13-year-old, six-bedroom, 2,491-square-foot house on a 1.01-acre parcel at 402 Graciosa Cove in Austin. Also last June, records show that they sold an 884-square-foot house at 3305 Helms Street in Austin for an undisclosed amount that they had bought in August 2005 also for an undisclosed amount.

“I love L.A.,” Valentine told the Times at the time. “I launched a great career that spanned 25 years, and most importantly, I found my true love, married him and had a perfect daughter.” She also told the Times she was looking to get away from the “rat race” of Los Angeles.

In the summer of 2005, Valentine and Weisburd sold a condo that they had owned at 13543 Moorpark Street in Sherman Oaks, Calif. for $320,000, according to public records. They had bought that condo in 2003 for $200,000, according to public records.

Unfortunately, there is little information available online about Valentine’s recently sold house in Studio City. The only listing sheet that’s available online erroneously gives the house’s address as 3614 Ethel Avenue (an address that does not exist), even though Valentine’s house clearly was at 3914 Ethel. Check out the listing sheet