The six-room, two-flat house on Chicago's South Side that gangster legend Al Capone once owned has come on the market for $450,000.


The Chicago Tribune's Joel Hood broke the story today that the two-flat, at 7244 S. Prairie Avenue in Chicago's Park Manor neighborhood, has hit the market.


Built in 1914, the two-flat has ornate tile work and has been owned by its current owner, Barbara Hogsette, who is selling it so she can move to California to be with her son, the Tribune reported. "The time is right for me to move on and let someone else in," Hogsette told the Tribune.

Capone bought the brick house for his mother, Theresa, and his wife, Mae, in 1923 for $5,500, the Tribune reported. The Prohibition-era gangster lived in the home himself from 1923 until 1931 -- when he was imprisoned. After Capone was released from prison, he moved to Florida, never again occupying the house before his death in 1947. The Capone family unloaded the house in 1953.

A short-lived effort in the late 1980s to get the home landmarked was withdrawn after protests from Italian-Americans.