The Los Angeles Times' Ann Brenoff deserves major props for breaking this story online yesterday; we also had seen this listing when it hit the market a few days back, but Ovitz's listing agent cleverly had masked the house's address, publishing only its street name. As a result, we had trouble figuring out the exact property that this was until Brenoff figured it out (or a source leaked it to her) -- although we have to say, we didn't work all that hard to try to ascertain the mansion's owner, either!

In any case, Ovitz's seven-bedroom mansion is located on the Rockingham "Rim," about a block north of (and across the street from) where O.J. Simpson once had owned a house. Built in 1937, Ovitz's mansion measures either 8,339 square feet (according to public records) or 13,000 square feet (according to listing information) if one includes the pool house and the expansion of the mansion that Ovitz undertook. Other features in the house include seven and a half baths (or six baths and two powder rooms, depending on which part of listing information one consults!), a formal dining room, a projection room, a library, a den, an office, a family room, and an art studio/gallery, according to listing information. Features on the gated, 0.66-acre (28,619-square-foot) property include a long driveway, a large motor court, a flat yard, views of mountains and canyons, a pool, and a pool house, according to public records and listing information.


Ovitz has owned the house since 1979, according to public records. That means that this particular house has never made it into the Los Angeles Times' "Hot Property" column -- until now.

Our friends over at the Real Estalker did a nice write-up on this property earlier today to which we'd direct your attention. Your Mama at the Real Estalker gave the rundown of Ovitz's other properties, and we wouldn't add much to that. However, we would make two additional comments:

--Michael and Judy Ovitz also own the Aspen Grove ranch in Ojai, Calif. that they purchased through their AGR Breeding company in 2000 and 2001 in two different stages (and totaling five separate parcels). And interestingly, Ryon *did* write about this ranch at the time of the first land purchase. Records show that AGR Breeding paid $900,000 (close to the $1 million range that Ryon reported) in May 2000 for a 20.78-acre parcel, a a 33.91-acre parcel and a 42.02-acre parcel. Then, in mid-2001, AGR Breeding purchased two more parcels totaling 40.66 acres and 40.32 acres for an undisclosed price. For those whose calculators aren't immediately handy, that means that the Ovitz family ranch, which Judy Ovitz uses for horse breeding both as a hobby and as a business, totals 177.69 acres and is located at 7887 Ojai-Santa Paul Road in Ojai. In addition, we're utterly fascinated with Ryon's report at that time that noted that the ranch was one of several Ojai locations used for the site of the fictional land of Shangri-La in the 1937 movie "Lost Horizon."

--We'd like to provide a little more color regarding Ovitz's mammoth mansion that he's building at the end of Leona Drive in Beverly Hills. In fact, Ovitz's mansion on Leona, which will be owned in the name of Ovitz's North Enterprises Trust, will be built on the following four parcels of land at 1269 Leona Drive:

1) A 0.64-acre (27,878-square-foot) parcel that he purchased in 2000 for $2,185,000 (and which technically has the address of 1273 Leona Drive)

2) A 0.9-acre (39,200-square-foot) parcel that he purchased in 2001 for $5,775,000 (that once had the address of Benedict Canyon Drive)

3) A very long, flag-shaped 0.62-acre (27,007-square-foot) parcel off Benedict Canyon Drive that he also purchased in 2001 as part of that $5,775,000 deal (and that once had the address of 1234 Benedict Canyon Drive)

and 4) A 0.85-acre (37,026-square-foot) parcel that he also purchased in 2001 as part of that $5,775,000 deal (and a parcel that at one time -- before Leona Drive was extended -- had the address of 1234 Benedict Canyon Drive). In total, Ovitz's compound on Leona Drive will total 3.01 acres. The size of the mansion, on the other hand, has been suggested to be 30,000 square feet or more, but until it's finished, we won't know for sure.

Check out an online listing sheet for Ovitz's Brentwood house -- complete with photos.