Public records have cleared on the amount that former New Kid on the Block Joey McIntyre paid for his new house in Los Angeles' Hancock Park neighborhood and the amount for which he sold his house in L.A.'s Venice area, and they reveal that McIntyre's new house cost him $4,450,000, while he sold his Venice house for $2,850,000.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on the transactions. Back on July 1, we posted about McIntyre's recent real-estate activity. The singer, who most recently has appeared on TV's 'Dancing with the Stars,' was reported on that same day by the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon to have paid 'nearly' $4.7 million for the house in Hancock Park and to have sold the Venice house for 'close to' $2.9 million. While Ryon wasn't far off on the sale amount ($2.85 million clearly is 'close to' $2.9 million), she was far less accurate on McIntyre's Hancock Park purchase; we'd doubt that most buyers or sellers would consider $4,450,000 as being 'nearly' $4,700,000.

In any event, McIntyre's new Country English-style house in Hancock Park was built in 1925 and is either 3,738 square feet, according to public records, or 4,700 square feet, according to the Times. Redesigned by architect Paul Williams and refitted by designer Brian Little, McIntyre's new house has four bedrooms, six baths, a media room, a detached guest house, a pool, a spa, a croquet lawn and a garden, the Times reported.

The four-bedroom, 3,644-square-foot house that McIntyre sold, at 402 Howland Canal in the Venice area, was built in 2002 and has four baths, a loft that is a media room, a "dining garden" on the edge of a canal, an open kitchen, a master suite with a fireplace, an outdoor dining terrace and a viewing deck with a fireplace, the Times reported. McIntyre purchased that house in 2003 through his 809 Property Trust (which ostensibly was named after his solo album, 8:09, and also after the address of a house in Venice that McIntyre looked at -- at 809 Nowita Place -- but never purchased; his real estate agent during that search in 2002 went on to become his wife) for $1,600,000, according to public records.

'"We loved the beach in Venice, but what can I say, that freakin' commute kills ya," he announced on his website in May. "Plus, it's really a dream house for us and we are gonna need some more room -- because my wifey is pregnant! Can you believe it?! I can!"

McIntyre, 34, and his wife Barrett (both pictured), are expecting their first child in 2008.