A Manhattan town house once owned by actress Meryl Streep has been sold by a Johnson & Johnson heiress for $12,850,000 after having been listed for close to $16,000,000. 879150-townhouse-19-west-12th-street-greenwich-village-new-york.jpg558767-1_d.jpg The New York Observer's Max Abelson broke the story on Wednesday, October 24, of Libet Johnson selling the 6,824-square-foot, late Greek revival town house at 19 West 12th Street in Manhattan, which was built in 1845. The sale was recorded on October 11. The buyer is something called the Nineteen West Twelfth Street, New York, New York Trust. Records show that the property went to contract on June 26, and the sale closed on September 21. The five-story, 25-foot-wide brick house can be configured for up to eight bedrooms and has a gated garden level entrance leading to a bedroom with a small kitchen and an en-suite bath. Other features include a third floor master suite with a wood-burning fireplace and office, a two-tiered garden, pocket doors that open to a grand living room, and a full staircase to the roof, according to listing information. The house originally had been listed for close to $16,000,000, and later was reduced to $14,995,000. Streep had owned the town house from 1995 through 2005, when her Beaver Dam LLC Corporation, which is named for the street that Streep lives on in Taconic, Conn., sold it to Johnson's Falconer LLC corporation for $9,100,000, according to public records. We wrote about Johnson's listing of the house back on January 5.