The 3,600-square-foot co-op apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side that belonged to the late "60 Minutes" correspondent Ed Bradley is on the market for $7,400,000.


The Wall Street Journal's "Private Properties" column last week wrote about the listing by Bradley's widow of the couple's longtime apartment, which is in the St. Urban building at 285 Central Park West in Manhattan. Bradley died at age 65 in November 2006 of leukemia.


The four-bedroom unit has three baths, a maid's room, a wine cellar, and two-zone air conditioning and overlooks the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, according to listing information. The Journal reported that the nine-room unit had come on the market in October.

The Journal reported that Bradley's widow, Patricia Blanchet Bradley, is moving to another unit in the same building.

We actually interviewed Bradley in this apartment back in 2002 (well, he was in this apartment, and we were dialing him up from Chicago at the time of the interview), much to Bradley's amazement, since we called him on what clearly was his nonpublished home telephone number. At that time, we were asking Bradley for a comment on his recent $1,350,000 purchase for a house and 2.77-acre parcel on a tiny street in East Hampton, N.Y., next door to a 1.56-acre property that he had bought in 1998. Bradley declined to comment on it, but it was apparent to us that he had made the purchase as a privacy buffer. You can read our column blurb about that purchase and interview.

Check out an online listing sheet -- including photos -- of the Central Park West unit.