Check out Bob's weekly column in this coming Sunday's Chicago Tribune (available online now), where Bob breaks the news about former Chicago Blackhawk (and current Minnesota Wild) hockey player Martin Havlat cutting the asking price of his condominium unit in Chicago from $775,000 to $725,000 (he first had had it on the market for $800,000). Havlat had purchased the unit in 2006 for $760,000, and at the same time paid another $75,000 for a parking space.

Also featured: Bob reports on a mansion on Lake Michigan in Lake Bluff, Ill. that was listed a few weeks ago for $20,620,000 and then reduced this past week to $15,465,000. Bob also breaks the story of a mansion on Lake Shore Drive on Chicago's Gold Cost -- one of just seven such mansions -- hitting the market this past week for $5,850,000; its owners have owned it since 1988.