Forbes magazine has just published its annual list of the most expensive home sales for 2006, and the list (Forbes) includes the following eye-popping transactions: --Sony Records chief Tommy Mottola paying $47 million in July to buy a 900-acre ranch—with a 12,000-square-foot main house—in Carbondale, Col. --Real-estate investor Richard Kurtz paying $58 million to Henry Clay Frick II to buy a 10,000-square-foot, English-style mansion on 63 acres on Closter Dock Road in Alpine, N.J.. --Oil and real-estate billionaire Tamir Sapir paying $40 million for the seven-story Duke Semans mansion at 1009 Fifth Avenue in New York City. --Investment banker J. Christopher Flowers paying $53 million for the 50-foot-wide Harkness mansion at 4 E. 75th St. in New York City, between Fifth and Madison Avenues. --Teodoro Nguema Obiang, who is the son of Equatorial Guinea’s president and dictator, paying $35 million through his Sweetwater Malibu LLC company for an eight-bedroom, 14,995-square-foot oceanfront mansion on 15.77 acres at 3620 Sweetwater Mesa Road in Malibu. However, despite much media attention on the subject—as well as Forbes’ assertion that Obiang bought the property in 2006—public records actually show that that is not the case. While Obiang executed an intercompany deed involving the property in early 2006, public records actually show that Obiang’s company has owned the property since 1998, In any case, Obiang’s property is immediately west of actor Matthew Perry’s 3,677-square-foot house on 2.32 acres at 3556 Sweetwater Mesa Road (which Sasha Stallone, Sly’s ex, owned briefly in 2001-2002), which the “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” actor quietly bought in 2005 for $6.55 million. --Among Hollywood types, the biggest purchase was actor Kevin Costner paying $28.5 million for a beach house at 2825 Padaro Lane in Carpinteria, Calif., just south of Santa Barbara. Separately, Costner sold an 8,172-square-foot house at 2809 Nichols Canyon Road in the Hollywood Hills to TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest for $11.5 million. Finally, the piece raises a valid question about whether the reported sale late last year of an East Hampton, N.Y. mansion by owner and Schlumberger heiress Adelaide de Menil Carpenter to Swedish industrialist Robert Weil for a record $90 million ever happened (indeed, public records are foggy, but it does not appear that the mansion, at 260 Further Lane and just down the street from Jerry Seinfeld’s palatial spread at 332 Further Lane, ever sold). And, the article speculates about future $100 million-plus sales, particular given the high listings out there on the market: Saudi prince Bandar’s Hala ranch in Aspen, Col., which is listed for a record $135 million, and two other properties—one in Florida and one in Lake Tahoe—both listed for above $100 million. The world record for a home purchase is held by Indian steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, who paid $125 million in 2004 for a London mansion.