Fashion designer Randolph Duke has placed his three-bedroom, contemporary-style house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills -- which recently was on the cover of Architectural Digest -- on the market for $8,250,000.


We're the last ones to the party on this, but we wanted to weigh in on this item before the weekend ends -- particularly given that Duke's 4,135-square-foot house sits on Fareholm Drive, which has had plenty of celebrities over the years. In addition, we also wanted to write about this listing since Duke's pad is just a really nifty-looking house.

First off, credit where credit is due. The Los Angeles Times' Ann Brenoff wrote an online post on Duke's listing on December 11, and the Real Estalker previously had kicked things off with a fine post on Monday, December 8. Duke's house hit the MLS on December 3.

Built in 1949, Duke's house really is a modern showplace -- and at the same time, Duke uses it as his office as well. The house has three and a half baths, electric glass walls, rift-cut oak walls, and bronze, stainless steel and chiseled granite accents, according to listing information. Outdoor features on the 0.43-acre (18,526-square-foot) gated property -- which sits on a promontory -- include an outdoor dining room, mirrored tile and views from downtown to the ocean, according to public records and listing information.

In addition to having been on the cover of Architectural Digest in December 2007 and in gobs of other publications before and after that, Duke's house also won the 1997 American Institute of Architects award for Best Residential Design.

Records show that Duke, 50, purchased the house for $2,250,000 on June 14, 2004, with the deed being recorded on July 1, 2004. He then embarked on a dramatic reworking of the house using the firm XTEN Architecture, which suggested building a first-floor platform that would cantilever out over the hillside and also embed itself in the hill.

The house also has a clear celebrity pedigree. Actress Catherine O'Hara and her production designer/director husband, Robert W. "Bo" Welch III, owned the house until selling it in May 1997 for $699,000, according to public records.

In addition, Duke's street also has a clear celebrity pedigree. Among the celebs who have owned property on his street:

--Football star Cade McNown, who sold his house on the street in 2007 for $3,499,000

--Actress Beverly D'Angelo, who sold a house on this street in 2005 for $2,200,000 to a trust that we believe is controlled by a sports figure

--Bruce Springsteen, who very quietly sold a house on the street in 2003 for $1,100,000

--Devo's Gerald Casale, who in early 2007 paid exactly $2,000,000 for a modernist, RIchard Neutra-designed, 1,732-square-foot house on the street

--Last but certainly not least, Kanye West, who in late 2003 very quietly paid $1,750,000 for his 4,214-square-foot house on the street