We admit we're a bit late to the party on this one, but we wanted to comment on the April 22 episode of MTV's "Cribs," in which Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz gives a guided tour of his house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills--a dwelling that we first wrote about in detail on April 3.

To this day, that post of ours--in which we revealed for the first time that Wentz had paid $1,625,000 last year to purchase his house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills--easily is our most-commented-on post ever (62 comments on counting), thanks to Wentz's legions of adoring fans. Those same fans undoubtedly watched the "Cribs" episode live or caught it on YouTube (which we would heartily recommend doing), but even so, we have a few comments on the piece, particularly since it provides terrific footage of both the interior and the exterior of Wentz's house, at 7435 Palo Vista Drive. And, you may recall that we weren't able to access any photos of Wentz's house when we broke the news of Wentz's purchase.

The "Cribs" episode shows some nice details of the two-bedroom house, including Wentz's kitchen, the area in the house where his dog Hemingway likes to hang out, his master suite, his dual balcony, his pool and hot tub (where other band members were shown to be enjoying themselves) and of course, the singer's media room, which has theater seats (which he likened to being first-class airline seats), and some fake snow that MTV ostensibly shipped in so the Midwest transplant would feel like it was really winter and not 75 degrees out. One oddity in the clip is that MTV characterized Wentz's house as having 2,625 square feet, while public records show that it measures 2,062 square feet.

We don't often provide commentary on the interiors of most celebrity houses (we leave that for the Real Estalker, who is unmatched in her ability to deliver hilarious comments and excellent opinions about interiors and exteriors). However, we ran the "Cribs" clip past our family's resident interior designer (also known as the Doctor), and she characterized Wentz's place as a typical bachelor pad, with simple straight lines and good quality of furnishings. She also noted that the house has generally monochrome interiors in the various rooms.

Take a look at the clip, if you haven't seen it. It's good entertainment.