We celebrity real estate gossips all have been waiting with bated breath to figure out where supercouple David Duchovny and Tea Leoni -- who over the summer sold their 6,578-square-foot house and 5.55-acre spread in Malibu, Calif. for $11,500,000 to Mel Gibson -- have purchased in New York City.


Now, however, on the heels of Duchovny's recent release from a treatment center for sex addiction, the couple have announced that they've been separated for the last few months. This comes despite a recent photo taken of the two of them, apparently taken in New York after his release from treatment.

Given that it's been a few months, we would be very, very surprised if either Duchovny or Leoni has purchased anything yet in NYC (or the surrounding area) just yet. More than likely, the two of them are renting separate places on the Upper East Side. However, we (and our pals at the Real Estalker, the New York Post and the New York Observer) will be watching the sales there very closely in the coming months and will of course keep you posted.