The sale price for the 3,094-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Hollywood Hills that TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw sold on March 11 finally has become available.

In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can reveal that McGraw, 56, fetched $3,200,000 for the house, according to public records, which was far below the amount that the good doctor originally had hoped for.

As we first reported on April 29, Dr. Phil sold the mod house at 9304 Warbler Way in the "Bird Streets" area of the Hills, which is a house that he had purchased in 2004 for $2,375,000 as a residence for his son Jay. The house became Jay's residence in 2004 after he graduated from law school in Texas and moved to L.A. with designs on pursuing a career as a TV host--a goal that he since appears to have abandoned. Jay, 27, now is writing books for young people, running his father's Stage 29 Productions company, and being executive producer for prime time "Dr. Phil" specials.

Dr. Phil certainly didn't get anywhere near the amount he'd anticipated. McGraw put the three-bedroom house on the market last November for $4,199,000, and then reduced it to $3,990,000 in November 2006. McGraw then reduced his asking price further in February 2007 to $3,749,000 (kudos to our friends at Curbed LA for breaking both those stories).

Features in the three-bedroom house, which was built in 2003, include a wall of glass three stories high, crown moldings, polished plaster walls, a built-in LCD screen, custom ceiling fans, an industrial fireplace that burns through a bed of cut glass, a large master suite with a walk-in closet and a private terrace, two additional bedroom suites, an infinity pool with a Jacuzzi, and a two-car garage, according to public records and listing information. Check out a flash version of the house's listing sheet here, at this easy-to-remember URL, since it is the house's address.

As for Dr. Phil, his principal residence continues to inhabit his seven-bedroom, 11,036-square-foot mansion at 1008 Lexington Road in Beverly Hills, which he purchased in late 2002 through his Peteski Productions company for about $7.5 million in cash.