Wild-haired boxing promoter Don King has placed his oceanfront estate near Palm Beach, Fla. on the market for $27,500,000.


The Wall Street Journal broke the news a while back of King's listing of his longtime estate, which is in the community of either Manalapan, Lake Worth or Lantana (take your pick), but which everyone can agree is on Ocean Boulevard and extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway.

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The Journal reported that King, 76, paid $14.3 million in 1999 for the gated spread, which actually consists of two separate properties, addresses and houses. "I need to downsize," King told the Journal, noting that it was becoming less convenient for him to walk from one house to another. "I'm going to move to wherever I can find a nice little cozy, $10-to-$5-million house."

Situated on close to 3 acres, the property has a seven-bedroom, Mediterranean-style main house with nine baths and a three-car garage, along with an open-air courtyard with a bridge over a goldfish pond, the Journal reported. The four-bedroom "guest house" -- such as it is -- also has nine baths, along with an ice cream parlor (there's a first!) and a large living room, the paper reported.

How big are the houses? That depends on what source one consults. According to listing information, the houses -- which are each listed separately for $13,750,000 -- measure 32,049 square feet and 8,981 square feet. However, according to public records, the houses -- both of which were built in 1985 (the smaller one) and 1994 (the larger one) -- measure 17,726 square feet and 6,747 square feet.

We wish King all the luck in the world in fetching his desired asking price(s) in this market. We'll keep you posted on how things shake out.