Absolutely Yes.   To date 1,435 of our clients have sold via a flat fee mls listings.  Probably around 90% of those were sold through buyers agents.

Agents do cooperate with sellers who choose to go this route though you can expect some of the agents to be rude or complain.  Why any agent would choose to be rude is beyond me but when you have tens of thousands of agents there are bound to be some that are less than professional.

Some agents complain about the flat fee mls business model because they believe that they are doing all the work in the transaction. The fact is that most of the work of the buyer's agent is done on front end showing property.   I am not saying that they do not do more work on the back end than they would if a traditional agent represented the seller.  I can see how they may have to make a few more phone calls and be more diligent in the follow up process through to closing

However, some agents claiming that they are doing "double" the work is simply ridiculous.