Oscar-winning director James Cameron has listed his 729.4-acre “Tranquility Base” ranch property in Malibu, Calif. for $24,950,000.


The Los Angeles Times’ Ruth Ryon broke the story yesterday, noting that Cameron, 52, now is focusing on filmmaking and not real estate development. As a result, he is unloading the Malibu-area property, which has views of the Malibu coastline and the Santa Monica Bay. The property is in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains and can be reached off Puerco Canyon Road. Cameron purchased the property in stages, beginning with an approximately 500-acre purchase in 1999 that he made for $5.4 million. One of the parcels (PIN number 4457-004-028), which measures 45.26 acres, has the address of 3104 Puerco Canyon Road, according to public records. The other parcels don’t have exact addresses attached to them. Those properties are a 14.14-acre parcel (PIN number 4458-031-002), an 80-acre tract (PIN number 4457-005-025), a 430-acre parcel (PIN number 4457-004-040), a 40-acre tract (PIN number 4457-005-012), another 80-acre parcel (PIN number 4457-005-015), and another 40-acre parcel (PIN number 4457-005-017), according to public records.

Cameron originally purchased some of the properties through his Archer Trust and through the name of his money manager, Walter Sherr, but he now owns all of the properties under his own name, according to public records.

Check out the 729.4-acre property’s online listing sheet here, complete with downloadable PDF brochures for your viewing pleasure.

Cameron will continue to own his two side-by-side houses on Retreat Court in Malibu on what easily is the most celebrity-intensive street in the L.A. area. For well more than a decade, he has owned an 8,272-square-foot house at 3201 Retreat Court in Malibu. In late 2003, Cameron’s Archer Trust paid an undisclosed amount to buy the late actor George C. Scott’s 6,672-square-foot house next door at 3211 Retreat Court, according to public records. Meanwhile, across the street from Cameron’s original house is Britney Spears’ 9,130-square-foot house at 3200 Retreat Court, which she obviously long has been trying to sell, originally for $13.5 million and which she now has reduced to $11,999,999.

The fourth house on Retreat Court, which is immediately across the street from the former George C. Scott house that Cameron also owns, is at 3210 Retreat Court and is owned by singer Olivia Newton-John. The singer paid $5,995,000 in 2004 through her Colony Trust to purchase the 6,482-square-foot house from actor Charles Bronson’s widow, Kim, according to public records.

Cameron also has owned two different parcels in a gated enclave in Santa Barbara. One, a 64.8-acre property that he purchased in October 1999 (PIN number 083-620-014), he sold in early 2005 to a family from St. Louis. The other, a 102.09-acre property that Cameron purchased in January 1999 (PIN number 083-690-007), is a property that he still continues to own, according to public records.