A reported $3,470,000 sale recently of an 11,511-square-foot house in Nashville, Tenn. has gossips in that city abuzz, particularly since rumors are out there, as the Nashville Post reported yesterday, that Jessica Simpson may have been the buyer.  We haven’t yet seen the deed in public records (the Post reported that the deal only closed last week), so we can’t yet comment on the transaction in any detail. However, there’s no question that the seven-bedroom house, at 27 Northumberland in Nashville, is quite a whopper. Built in 1987, the 19-room house has eight full baths, two half baths, a tennis court, a home theater and a swimming pool and sits on exactly 2.01 acres across two lots, according to public records and listing information. (We should note that listing information gives the house “just” 10,925 square feet of space, and not 11,511.)  In addition, the deed does, the Post reported, contain the name of Mary Ann McCready, a Music Row money manager whose name has been on the deeds of many celebrities’ real-estate purchases, as we have noted several times in the past. Why is Jessica thought to be the buyer? Among other things, the Post noted that Rolling Stone had reported last October that Jessica was considering moving to Nashville to pursue a career in country music (since hey, let’s face it—it’s not exactly like she set anybody on fire with her acting career!). The house on Northumberland had been listed for $3,500,000. Check out a cached version of an online listing sheet for the Northumberland house – complete with photos. No word yet on whether Simpson’s relocation to Nashville could mean the chanteuse would list her 5,500-square-foot mansion at 9555 Lime Orchard Road in the Beverly Hills, Calif. post office, which Simpson’s Lime Orchard Trust purchased in late 2005 for $5,275,000, according to public records. We mentioned that mansion in a post on August 18, 2007. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.