On August 19, TMZ.com reported on actor George Hamilton buying a new condo in a luxury high-rise building on Los Angeles' Wilshire Corridor.


TMZ reported that in order to sweeten the deal, Hamilton persuaded the sellers (one of whom owns a bakery) to throw in a dozen cookies a month for a year after the closing. However, as cute as the cookies aspect of the deal might be, TMZ's post lacked any of the even remotely basic facts required in an item like that, which are: 1) how much did the Tan Man pay? 2) How much was the unit listed for? 3) How large is the unit? and 4) Where exactly is it?

Now, in a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can answer all of the above questions. Records show that Hamilton's Ballina Trust closed on the two-bedroom, 1,863-square-foot unit on June 3, with the deal being recorded on July 30. Records also reveal that the seller was indeed producer William Sherak, whose reported wife, Ginger (we say "reported" because the deed calls Sherak single), owns something called the TuTu Bakery (even though that bakery's name only pops up on the Internet in references to Hamilton's purchase. Listing information shows that the 11th-floor unit, which is in the building at 10560 Wilshire Boulevard, had been listed for $1,295,000 and later was reduced to $1,150,000. Although it took a number of weeks for the sale price to become available in public records, it finally did become available last week, and records show that Hamilton paid $1,100,000 for the unit.

Hamilton's new unit is in a 26-story building that was constructed in 1982. The Los Angeles Times' Ann Brenoff later wrote her own post on the transaction on September 8.

We'd love to reproduce some photos of the interior of the unit, but the resolution is lousy on the lone set of photos that we could find online. It's probably best for us just to direct you to an online listing sheet with those interior photos so you can see them for yourself. If at some point that link fails, try a cached version of the listing sheet.

As Paul Harvey would say, and now you know...the rest of the story.

Where else does Hamilton own property? That's an interesting question. The good people over at Celebrity Address Aerial identify Hamilton as living at 1113 Tower Road in Beverly Hills (which Merv Griffin once owned), but we can tell you that public records don't bear that out. Some other nuggets about Hamilton's past and present property ownership:

--At one time (prior to 1993, when public records for Los Angeles County begin in the databases that we have access to), Hamilton reportedly had been an owner of Grayhall, the famed mansion at 1100 Carolyn Drive in Beverly Hills.

--Hamilton famously had owned a 3,252-square-foot, 23rd-floor, two-unit spread (#2302, which is 2,101 square feet and #2304, which is 1,151 square feet) in West Hollywood's Sierra Towers until selling it in 1999 for $1,550,000 to a next-door neighbor named Irwin Deutch (although the Los Angeles Times' Ruth Ryon, in writing about it, misspelled his name as Deutsch and erroneously reported that Hamilton had sold the place for close to its $2 million asking price). Hamilton was reported elsewhere to have left a bottle of suntan lotion on the balcony, and he also had installed mirrored walls in the unit that reflected a pair of towering elephant tusks.

--George also has been reported to have lived in San Francisco in recent years. It's not clear to us whether he owns anything in that city at present.