Despite rumors in gossip magazines of him intending to unload all of his U.S. real estate, actor Brad Pitt very quietly paid $1,287,500 in April to purchase a 1,534-square-foot house in Los Angeles' Los Feliz area that's adjacent to his existing compound.


In a Big Time Listings exclusive, we can report on Pitt's latest house purchase. Built in 1932, the two-bedroom home has one bath and sits on a 0.15-acre (6,530-square-foot) lot on Valley Oak Drive in a section of Los Feliz known as The Oaks, according to public records. Pitt's trust purchased the house on April 23, with the deed being recorded with Los Angeles County on May 1, according to public records. Not surprisingly (given that Pitt is a neighbor), the house had not been on the market. The transaction clearly shows a renewed level of commitment by Pitt to his longtime (since 1994) compound in The Oaks.

Over the last year, Pitt also has been involved in adding a guardhouse to the his compound's main house. Pitt's compound, which now totals nearly 1.6 acres and contains four homes, consists of the following properties: --The compound's historically significant, five-bedroom, 5,338-square-foot main Craftsman-style house, which was built in 1915 and which Pitt purchased in 1994 for $1,700,000. That house sits on nearly an acre (a 43,268-square-foot lot), according to public records. --An adjoining 2,454-square-foot house on a 0.29-acre (12,458-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in 1996 for $380,000; as part of the 1996 transaction, Pitt also purchased an adjoining, 0.03-acre (1,307-square-foot) strip of vacant land that he also continues to own. --Another adjoining 1,653-square-foot house on a small, 0.13-acre (5,606-square-foot) lot, which Pitt purchased in 1998 for $475,000. --The property he just purchased (described above).

Interestingly, Pitt used to own two other properties in the neighborhood. He sold another adjoining 3,141-square-foot house on a 0.30-acre (12,972-square-foot) lot in October 2003 for $740,000 to Richie Malchar, according to public records. Malchar has been identified in various news reports as being Pitt's security chief, so in many regards, that parcel could be included as part of Pitt's compound as well. And, the actor sold a 2,219-square-foot house on a 0.30-acre (13,190-square-foot), uncontiguous tract at 5720 Valley Oak Drive in 2002 for an undisclosed price (north of $1 million, though).

Also interestingly, Pitt never has acquired a key parcel that still lies between several of the properties that make up his compound in Los Feliz -- a 3,232-square-foot house on a nearly quarter-acre (10,759-square-foot) lot. In addition, Pitt owns homes in Malibu, Calif.; Santa Barbara, Calif.; and New Orleans, La. We have written in detail about all of these properties in the past and would direct you to our previous posts.

Take this all with a grain of salt, but back in its July 7 issue, Life & Style magazine reported that Pitt and his partner Angelina Jolie (who are pictured together here) were planning to sell all of their U.S. properties, including their home in New Orleans' French quarter (the article had reported that the house was for sale but without a sign on it, and that there were 15 to 17 potential buyers), and their three homes in California (by "three," we presume that Life & Style counted the Los Feliz compound as one home, plus the properties in Malibu and Santa Barbara). The reason for these sales, Life & Style had reported, was so the couple could afford the $70 million price tag to purchase the the 35-bedroom Chateau Miraval estate in Brignol, France, where they were living. Since that article, it's come out that Brangelina actually only appears to be renting Chateau Miraval, with a three-year lease. The estate sits on either 880 acres or 1,000 acres, depending upon which news account one consults.